Construction squares

During construction works, precision is extremely important. In order for the achieved effect to be satisfactory, you need special tools that will allow you to easily arrange individual elements.

Builders' squares help to obtain a right angle between building elements. Remember, however, that their structure must be solid and ensure a permanent connection of the profiles. Only then will the result be precise. The PRO angle irons are reinforced with a composite material, they are adequately stiff and durable. Thanks to this, they will enable you to precisely perform the measurement. You will also avoid the so-called sharpening of the 90° angle. In our store, you will find angle irons manufactured on the basis of the PRO600 series spirit level, which is one of the most frequently chosen spirit levels in Poland. The PRO offer includes builders' squares: without indicators, with composite material reinforcement; with indicators and footer; without indicators, with cut corner, with anodized non-scratch coating; without indicators, with reinforcement and a cut corner, which prevents the effect of sharpening the right angle as a result of impact; squares designed for construction, road, and plastering work. Choose tools from PRO that guarantee precise measurements.