PRO1000 ENDURANCE series

PRO1000 spirit levels are high-class three-chamber spirit levels with a specially reinforced structure. They are more durable and resistant to bending and twisting.

In the PRO1000 series - as in the PRO900 series - additional vertical indicators have been designed to ensure comfortable measurements in various conditions. Flexible and durable construction allows you to maintain all parameters even in the event of a fall of the tool from a great height. The PRO1000 series spirit level has special embossing to make it easier for you to grab the spirit level. The design of the vial makes the bubble even more visible thanks to the use of a special magnifying glass effect, which makes the measurement easier to read. PRO1000 series spirit levels are equipped with the ANTI SHOCK system, which protects them against falling from great heights. The PRO1000 spirit level is the perfect choice if you are looking for a professional tool that guarantees precise measurement. The extended service life and massive construction will allow you to take advantage of its possibilities both in light and more demanding construction works.