PRO News

Why PRO?

The PRO company has been supplying tools and measuring devices to professionals in Poland and Europe for over 30 years. High quality is our priority, which results in customer trust.

Many years of experience, understanding the needs of users and creating products with attention to every detail have made our company set standards (and levels) as a leader in the industry.

  • We are the leader in the measurement sector of industry

    Our tools and measurement devices are the ones chosen most often.

  • Multiply-awarded company

    Our products were distinguished in various competitions and attracted attention during numerous trade shows.

  • More than 30 years of experience

    "We set the levels" for over three decades.

  • Guarantee of quality

    10-year warranty on our vials

Design Thinking

We follow the principles of Design Thinking to offer unique measurement tools.

It is an approach that rests on the conviction that only a thorough understanding of users' problems, needs, and expectations makes it possible to design outstanding products.

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