PRO900 HEAVY DUTY series

In the PRO900 series, the enlarged three-chamber profile guarantees much greater durability of the tool, both when it comes to bending and torsion. The PRO company, for the needs of professionals, designed special cutouts for vertical and horizontal indicators. The solid structure of the body eliminates the risk of damaging the spirit level, even in the event of a fall from a great height. The PRO900 series also features special embossing enabling a comfortable and secure grip of the tool. In accordance with the original vial design, special lenses were used to enlarge the bubble showing the level. The PRO900 series - like other versions of spirit levels - has been equipped with ANTI SHOCK caps that protect the tool against damage in case of falling. This means that you do not have to worry that an accidental fall will require the purchase of a new spirit level. The PRO900 spirit level is a professional, extremely durable, and massive tool that guarantees high accuracy of measurement and comfort of use in all conditions.