Tape measures

Almost every construction or finishing work requires measurements. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine this type of work without appropriate equipment in the form of measures and tapes.

Tape measures help you measure the distance, height, width, or size of various items. Without them, precise work would be impossible, and the effect would not be satisfactory. The PRO company offers measures and tapes intended for professionals. They are comfortable and easy to use, therefore they make your work even more efficient. Check our offer and choose a high-quality product from an experienced PRO company which has been meeting the needs of professionals in the construction industry for over 30 years. In our offer, you will find, among others, PRO MILESTONE tape measures, which allow for a long overhang without the support and are equipped with a bumper that absorbs the impact of the tape during winding. In addition, the PRO company offers tapes made of high-quality carbon steel, which ensures the same thickness along the entire length, and fiberglass tapes with a length of up to 50 m, compliant with the European MID directive. Choose PRO measures and tapes, and your work will be even more comfortable. Our products will prove themselves in all circumstances!