The PRO800 Endurance 2Plus2 has all the benefits of the PRO800 series tools. In addition, it is characterized by two milled surfaces, which ensure perfect contact with the ground when taking measurements, as well as rings on the vial that allow easy determination of 2% slopes.

These easy-to-use, lightweight spirit levels are characterized by extraordinary measurement accuracy. The PRO800 Endurance 2Plus2 models feature two perfectly milled surfaces, so that the tool does not slip when taking measurements. In addition, the vials are equipped with rings that enable precise determination of 2% of slopes. In addition, they have all the advantages of the PRO800 series, which, like the PRO600 series, was created on a special profile structure with ribs, which will provide you with a firm and comfortable grip. The spirit level is equipped with a proprietary vial designed by the PRO company. Thanks to this, the bubble is clearly visible in all conditions and no matter what angle you look at the vial. The PRO800 spirit level is a functional and durable tool. If you are looking for a professional product for years, the PRO800 Endurance 2Plus2 is a guarantee of accurate measurement and durability.