Folding measures

Tape measures are one of the tools most frequently used by construction workers.

Tape measures are used to measure the distance, height, and width of individual construction elements, so that better results can be obtained. Remember, however, that the measuring instrument must be very accurate. Only then will you get precise results. The PRO company offers professional tape measures in I and II accuracy classes, which meet the requirements of the European System of Measures and Weights. In our store, you will find, among others PRO MILESTONE roll-up measure, which, due to the stiff tape, ensures long outreach without support. The cassette is made of durable thermopolymer with a TPR coating. Additionally, the measure is equipped with a bumper that absorbs the shock generated during retraction. The wide range of the PRO company also includes tape measures equipped with three brakes simultaneously (upper, lower, and side); measures with a functional hook with a hole for nails and screws; measures with strong magnets; measures with a nylon coating that protects the tape against scratches and rust; as well as PRO tape measures with a scale in accuracy class I, equipped with an anti-skid brake, chrome-plated body, shock-absorbing bumper, and a protective nylon coating.