Squares and rulers

Measuring devices, such as squares, affect not only aesthetics but also functionality and safety. They allow you to set individual elements of a structure or building at the right angle, thanks to which everything will function smoothly.

Every professional in this industry should have angles in their assortment. On our website you will find PRO squares made of high-quality materials, durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Thanks to this, they will not only allow you to make precise measurements in many different circumstances, but also will serve you for many years. What's in the PRO company's offer? This category includes, among others, squares with a base (aluminum or ABS), which enable the determination of parallel lines and angles in the range of 0-90 °. They also allow for convenient marking and cutting; various types of adjustable squares; carpentry squares and adjustable templates, which allow the angle to be transferred to any plane. All PRO squares are designed for professional construction and finishing works, therefore they allow you to make accurate measurements, even in the most demanding conditions.