PRO today

The company that sets the standards

PRO is the biggest producer of measurement tools and devices used in the building sector in Poland and one of the five largest producers in Europe. Many years of experience, understanding of the most significant issues and needs of users, and the know-how related to the process of production with attention to detail are the key factors making our company the leader and trend-setter. We proudly represent the rich tradition of regional entrepreneurship for which Bielsko-Biała is known. Since the company's inception, we make our best to offer high-quality products. We are aware that users' expectations change over time. That is why we constantly meet with professionals to learn about their needs and the problems they encounter daily.

We have developed continuously for 30 years together with you, our customers. Thank you for your trust.

What makes our spirit levels so unique?

PRO Spirit levels in distinctive red color are used on every construction site by professional users who expect their tools to be top-quality. Our spirit levels guarantee long-lasting and failure-free operation thanks to the application of the best components and modern calibration process. Our spirit levels are the only ones on the market that are 100%-produced in Poland. Apart from our spirit levels, we were also distinguished in the only European competition related to design management competition - we received the Design Management Europe Award 2014. We are proud of products that we have created from scratch: MILESTONE tape measures, X-Liner Cross-Line Laser, leveling systems for tiling, PRO900 Heavy Duty spirit level, and PRO900D digital level.

PRO not only cares about the highest quality of its tools, but also about their aesthetics

We focus on creating high-quality products. That is why we have been answering the needs of professionals in the building sector for the last 30 years. That is why we are the leader in the building market. We put into practice the idea of Design Thinking. We focus on the user experience and we try to understand his needs, even those that at the moment he is now aware of. To define the issue, we drop the old concepts and try to look at the project from a broader picture. Then we implement Design Thinking - we create and test our prototype solutions to the problem. It enables us to offer our customers products that are innovative, reliable, and satisfy the users' needs. Except for high-quality, we also care about the aesthetics of PRO tools and devices for which we were also awarded.

How does PRO work to maintain high quality?

We believe that high quality does not refer only to products but also to management. It is the reason why PRO functions so well. We operate according to Total Quality Management guidelines. We know that proper management (in every sector) is the clue for offering outstanding products. We also consider knowledge as one of the most important resources. That is why focus constantly on Research and Development. It is what makes our company modern and enables us to react to changes in the market.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are professionals in the building and finishing sector who care about reliable products. Our measuring tools and devices help them to carry out tasks on the highest possible level. PRO products are available at 5 thousand trade partners. Our partners trust us and are perfectly aware of our products. We cooperate with them in the B2B model for many years. Consultations, instructions, and advice are offered by our advisors and sales department employees who can be met in every region of Poland. Our distinctive red spirit levels are present at every construction site. That is why we know we carry out our mission understood as setting the levels.

How do we work?

The company is, first of all, the people who share their passion and commitment. Each day more than 200 people do their best to make the company a leader known for efficiency and top-quality products. All of our employees have employment contracts. It corroborates the credibility of PRO as an employer. Customers can enjoy excellent products only if employees have proper conditions for work. That is why PRO maintains a modern technological park, laboratory, and high-bay warehouse with an area of 10.000 sq.m. Our sales department solves any customers' problems and issues. We also have three demonstrative cars (PRO DEMOCAR), which make it possible to observe PRO tools live. We make an effort to broaden our perspective and develop in various fields. To do so we participate in numerous trade fairs all around the world, for instance in UAE, USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Russia, and China.

Everything mentioned above lets us develop and offer customers tools and measuring devices that truly set the highest levels of quality.