PRO History

Existing for over 30 years the PRO company is the largest manufacturer in Poland and one of the largest in Europe tools and measuring devices used in construction. Many years of experience, understanding of the user’s needs, and creating products with attention to every detail made that exactly PRO set standards (and levels) as the leader in the industry.

Since its inception, PRO has produced hundreds of thousands of innovative products - from simple measures to technologically advanced lasers. However, what undoubtedly distinguishes the company are spirit levels in a characteristic red color. It is a 100% product manufactured in Poland, guaranteeing long-term and trouble-free operation, it is used on every construction site by professionals who demand the most out of their tools. The quality maintained over the years and the continuous improvement of the offer is confirmed by numerous awards. It is worth mentioning the last one, the Gold Medal at the BUDMA International Construction Fair 2023 for the PRO900 Digital electronic level and "Diamond" of the Forbes Magazine in 2022.

The PRO company is primarily people full of passion and commitment. Every day, over 200 people work for the effect that we can be proud of in as many as 28 countries around the world, exporting high-quality measuring tools and devices to our customers.

Thank you for your trust and we invite you to cooperate!