PRO900 DIGITAL series

Precise work is based on specific data. These are provided by our electronic spirit levels. The heart of the tool - a precise electronic module - is mounted in a durable, three-chamber profile with no unnecessary notches that would weaken the central chamber.

We have over 30 years of experience in the production of traditional spirit levels. We used them to create the PRO900 Digital line of electronic spirit levels. It is probably the only tool of this type designed and manufactured in Poland. What can these unique devices do? They will display a reliable result on two backlit screens in a wide temperature range. They will guide you with the sound to the desired angle. They will remember a dozen or so measurements for you. They will help you set any angle as a reference point - the measurements will be made in relation to the selected value. And all this together with the proper protection of the electronic module. IP65 protection standard - full dustproof ensuring readiness to work in difficult conditions and water resistance enabling washing the electronic spirit level under running water after finishing work. Their profile is known from PRO900 Heavy Duty. It is a three-chamber, durable construction adequately protecting the electronic module. PRO900 Digital is perfect for those seeking a tool that is durable, precise, and offers the comfort of use.