Optical levels

Optical levels are a very important element of our offer.

Optical levels are devices for the precise determination of height differences and the calculation of these differences taking into account a specific point. Thus, the optical level makes it possible to determine the position of a given plane, and thus to set this plane parallel or perpendicular to another plane or point. An optical level should be used in conjunction with a special tripod and leveling staff. Our offer includes specialized tripods and poles. They enable the use of levels in construction and industrial conditions, as well as for geodetic and field measurements. Optical levels are the basic measuring device. Our offer includes very precise levels, available with higher or lower magnification. We sell levels with a high level of IP protection and those that are used only inside buildings. The use of an optical level allows you to precisely perform construction works and determine the level of surface rise, as well as to accurately level machines and devices in production halls.